Upcoming Watches

Hello everybody,

Over the last couple of months we were basically doing 2 things: on the one hand trying to expand the availability of ZIIIRO watches with retailers around the world, and on the other exploring ideas for new models.

There are certainly never a lack of ideas, so we’re picking the best ones to pursue with. At the moment we have 4 different models in the works simultaneously, of which 2 are at a rather early stage.

Here’s our roadmap in chronological order:

1. The next upcoming wrist watch will have a digital display and is called ZIIIRO Saturn. Casing and module are both custom-made and will have a backlight function. We’re keeping things simple, so there still are no numbers to be found ;)

2. After that, most probably the ZIIIRO Eclipse will follow. It’s another analog, minimal & cool wrist watch. The casing for it is also already in the works. There are some challenges to resolve with the watch face itself, which is substantial for the name of this watch.

3. The traditional form factor of a pocket watch, combined with an uncommon watch face, that will be our ZIIIRO Titan, a rather small and light pocket/pendant watch. It can be worn around the neck or be used like a pocket watch, or be used in any other way you can come up with.

4. The next big thing in our pipeline is a whole new line of interchangeable watches. When I had the idea I literally (well, not literally, but you know…) heard it snapping in my head, because the unique look as well as the simple way of exchanging them would be so great. We haven’t really started with these yet, but I hope it will work like planned.

Till then, stay tune for more updates pips!